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Practice De Vijfde Trede
Cathy Merkx

Multidisciplinary Therapist

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      Back to your essence
 The Therapy

Do you consider yourself as someone who mostly adapts to others? Do you find it hard to get in touch with your feelings? And to know what your needs are? Are you someone who prefers to avoid conflicts?

Then my therapy can be helpful for you!

I help you to get in touch with your feelings so you can learn to stay in your own energy. And from there on to get in contact with others.  



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I use powerful techniques that affect your unconscious mind. Many emotions, blocks, limiting beliefs and stuck inner child parts are stored in your unconscious and are still active. Because this is all happening in your subconscious, you are often not aware of these parts and they cannot be reached through the conscious mind. With the techniques I use we can identify the issue(s), work through them and heal them in a loving way while finding the appropriate resources that you need to reclaim your full power!


I always start with an intake interview.  This is where you can elaborate on what challenges you're facing and what your requests for help are. I will ask further questions to get to the root of your challenges quickly. During the intake I analyse and determine which techniques would work best for you during the follow-up process. 

In addition, the intake interview is a great opportunity for us to see if we connect and if you feel good about having me as your therapist. It is very important that we both feel safe and comfortable working with eachother.



Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy in which you are put into a light trance, while remaining fully conscious. You could compare it to a meditative state. As a result, you are able to more consciously perceive what is happening inside of you. 

Then, we do a powerful visualization, that helps you in getting in contact with your unconscious. At that level we can identify the issue(s), work through them, heal them and make sure that you are equipped with the right tools to handle them going forward. 

Regression Therapy

All of us get triggered sometimes. Sometimes, an apparently small or insignificant event can evoke (violent) emotions. In cases like this, you may be experiencing an old pain or an unprocessed experience. It may feel like you are (re)acting like a child rather than the adult that you are. Often, you probably don't remember what the experience was, that first caused this emotion. With regression therapy we can go back (in time) to these first experiences that are still stored and active in your unconscious. 

By going back to these past often painful or traumatic experiences we can heal them in a loving way and remove the emotional charge it has. 

Systemic Work

We are born into a family system, or the system of origin. A large number of our (unconscious) beliefs, patterns and behaviors have their origin in this system. In your adult lief, you take these patterns with you into other systems. such as your current family or your work environment. 

Through systemic work we can get these (unconscious) patterns to surface. We can also become aware of the dynamics that are at play in a system.

Parts work

We all have different sides (parts) to us. Every person consists of different parts. Many of these parts are still childlike parts. You created this as a young child to 'survive' and cope with certain painful situations. These survival strategies were once very helpful to you, but can start to work against you and block you later in life. For example, people often say: 'There is a part in me that is holding me back'. With parts work we work with these childlike parts, so that they offer less resistance and so that old survival strategies can be released.

Hypno en Regressie therapie
My approach

As a therapist it is my job to help you gain more awareness and insights through various tools. I accompany you on your journey, sometimes guiding you and sometimes supporting you. 


The therapy I provide is for adults of 23 years and older.

Your commitment, naturally, is of great importance for the success of the therapy. This means that you must be willing to work on yourself and that you are open to the techniques that will be introduced to you. 

I work short term, meaning I don't expect you to have therapy with me for months. We can get you to the heart of the matter in the first sessions. Afterwards, we can work effectively with the core problem and heal at a deep level.


Five sessions are the minimum required number of sessions required for everyone. The sessions take place once every two to three weeks, so that you have enough time to process each session. The sessions can stir up a lot of dust to settle for you to come to terms with it. After the fifth session, we take a six-week break. And after that we get in touch again to see how things are going and whether follow-up sessions are needed. 

For the sessions, we can meet at one of the locations of 'het Coachhuis' (see Contact Details).


Witte wilde bloemen
Mijn aanpak
Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses  your understanding
by Khalil Gibran
Wie ben ik



My name is Cathy (1986) and I would describe myself as cheerful, optimistic, calm, listening, gentle and if necessary confrontational. I think it is important that others feel comfortable and can be themselves. That is why it is very important to me to create safety and trust when I work with my clients.  

As a child I was already immensely interested in others. I preferred to have in-depth conversations about what people were thinking and how they felt. I always felt the need to help everyone. Naturally, I started working with people, first as a teacher and personal counselor for children and young adults, later with adults in psychiatry.

I love to travel and have traveled to so many beautiful places from Bolivia to Uganda to India, to name just a few. I always want to learn as much as possible about other cultures and discover how other people go through life. All this has given me a very open mindset and has ensured that very little stikes me as foreign, strange or unacceptable.

In addition to going deep with other people, I find it very important to know myself and to go into deep discovery of myself. That led me to a Multidisciplinary Therapist a few years ago. Those sessions helped me immensely. The way the therapy works all through the core and heals from there made a huge impression on me. It made me realize that I wanted to help others at this deep level as well. That's why I became a Multidisciplinary Therapist myself. In addiction, I'm currently studying Spiritual Astrology. These fields of expertise bring together my love for depth, spirituality and helping others. 

I discovered that I also want to help others at this deep level. That is why I did the study to become a Multidisciplinary Therapist (see Practice information) and I am currently studying Spiritual Astrology. In these fields my love for depth, spirituality and helping others come together.

It is with great pleasure and pride that I work as a therapist in my practice De Vijfde Trede.

Who am I


I experience Cathy as a very sensitive person.
She radiates kindness and calm.
I feel comfortable with her and feel free to share personal things with her. I never felt like she was judging me and she always comes across as sincere. 
She does not act like “The Therapist”, it was really a process that we went through together and because of this I felt very supported, safe and I had the feeling that there was plenty of room for me as a person.
This has helped me immensely in my own process.

-Margreet Nol-




A minimum of 6 sessions is required. After that, we can discuss if it is necessary to add one or two extra sessions. 


One session lasts 1.5 hours

Intake                             40.00 euros

6-session package      630.00 euros

Separate follow-up      105.00 euros


The prices are VAT-free.

Payment arrangements are possible in consultation. If you pay the 6-sessions package at once, you will get a discount of 15 euros and you pay 615 euros. 

​Reimbursements: It is not possible to receive a reimbursement via the health insurer        


Contact details

Cathy Merkx

Practice adress: Van Eeghenlaan 27, 1071 EN Amsterdam

Phone: 06-42981109


Practice days and times:

Monday: -

Tuesday: -

Wednesday: 9am-5pm

Thursday: -

Friday: -

The location is easily accessible by public transport. From Central Station this can be done with tram 2. Parking is available in the street or in the streets surrounding. The costs for this are six euros per hour.


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Practice information

KvK- number: 80644120 

VAT-ID: NL003471117B34

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